About Us

The dynamics of our mission are

·      To present a clear Gospel to thousands of Czechs and Slovaks

·      To equip each believer by teaching all of God’s Word

·      To encourage all believers to be zealous evangelists

·      To establish a self-supported/self-governing, reproducing churches



Target Market and Geographic Area Served

·      The Czech Republic has a population of nearly 11 million people

·      .02% of the population are evangelical Christians

·      one of the most atheistic countries in the world

·      we are ministering to drug abusers, alcoholics, and suicidal youth

Organizational type:

Fields of Faith Ministries, Int’l is a 501 © 3, nonprofit organization formally incorporated in the State of Delaware. We are governed by a Board of Directors.


Financial Request and Purpose

The operating budget for 2014 is $700,000. The current needs for our organization are substantial because of the staffing and pre-campaign needs. Total projection of $4 million will be over three years.