Our Mission

We exist to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to establish church-planting churches throughout the Czech Republic:

  • Jesus’ last words to His disciples were to go and make Disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). In other important texts He commanded us to preach the gospel and to be His witnesses (Mark 16:15 & Acts 1:8). In other words these verses are known in Christian circles as the “Great Commission.”
  • The Gospel is defined as follows: Christ died for our sins; was buried; and rose from the dead. I Corinthians 15:3-4. Mankind must trust is this Gospel alone to be saved from his sins. A a result, man will inherit eternal life and be in a life long personal relationship with the Creator God forever. Any conditions added to grace through faith doctrine is considered a “work” and will be noted as a false addition to the salvation message. Ie baptism, church membership, Lordship, good works, etc.
  • According to C. Peter Wagner, a well-known missiologist from The School of World Mission, Pasadena, CA, states that: “church planting is the most effective means of evangelism today.” When churches are planted, worship, evangelism, and discipleship take place.
  • Our focus will be the former Czechoslovakia. It has been determined that this region is one of the most atheist areas of the world. We believe that establishing churches and their influence will permeate throughout the culture and eventually the people there will turn away from a Communistic/Atheistic worldview.


Our Vision(in 1-3 years)

  • To form and coordinate eight Czech national church planting teams with the ultimate goal of establishing teams in all 14 provinces.
  • In the northern Czech city of Decin, Fields of Faith has established a 50 adherent church. In May 2010, it was released by our church planting team to be self-led; self-supporting, and self-governed.
  • Subsequently, the Decin congregation has established another mission in the village of Boletice several miles away. 
  • Pavek Kozak and his wife Stana Kozak, Fields of Faith’s (FOF) current church planting team (Team), have relocated to the city of Olomouc in the eastern province of Moravia. They are establishing a new congregation there.
  • Marek and Petra Vlada are additional national evangelists who are now working in the Boletice.
  • The Decin church and the Kozak’s methodology will be our model as we establish more church planting teams in each of this region’s provinces.


Each Team Will:

  • Pursue and engage in evangelism opportunities
  • We highly advocate the use of direct evangelism. Our teams make a concerted effort to go where the unbelievers are located. Our teams go with a compassion of love to show locals the way of salvation. It takes multiple efforts and extreme patience to reason with locals the tenets of the Gospel. It is the primary method we use to start a believer to maturity in Christ. Other evangelical methods may be utilized as the team sees fit. The church’s mission will be advocated regardless of the event the team is implementing.
  • Train disciples in evangelism and outreach
  • All church members will be taught to present the Gospel in a clear and concise way. The Team will model the method for evangelism.  The disciples will be expected to go areas where unbelievers are and to share the gospel. They will invite all to fellowship with them when meetings are planned.
  • Ground believers in the truths of God’s Word and Doctrine
  • During church service and Bible studies, and other one on one times early church doctrines will be taught using proof texts throughout Scripture. A posting of church doctrines will be posted in a conspicuous place in the assembly area and on the church’s and team’s website. All church members will sign an acceptance of the church’s doctrine before they partake in a public full-immersion baptism.


Seek to establish future church planting teams

  • Our current national Team comprised of Pavel and Stana Kozak have successfully planted a church planting church in the northern Bohemian city of Decin. They have released that congregation to operate with its own leaders. The Kozaks have relocated to Olomouc in eastern Czech Republic to establish another church planting church.
  • Our plan is to replicate the work of the Kozaks in all 14 provinces of the Czech Republic.
  • Our plan is to establish 2 new teams. Each team will comprise of not more than 4 members. This is a manageable capacity for Pavel Kozak our National Director. He will be able to train them in evangelism and to do effective follow-up. The Teams will be located in one of the eastern Czech Republic provinces.
  • Encourage new churches to establish more church planting churches
  • Once the Team has determined there is sufficient mature leadership within the congregation, they will be encouraged to release the assembly to those elders whom have been selected.
  • The elders will be encouraged to plant more local churches in their immediate vicinity.  Then repeat the method continually.


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